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Buzz Feed publishes news and entertainment in the language of the web, and in our work we rely on a style guide to govern everything from hard-hitting journalism to fun quizzes.We value consistency and accuracy across those formats and categories.NASA’s Exploration Mission-1 has stepped closer to reality, as the space agency completed the second flight controller tests for the engines that will power its ‘megarocket.’ Engineers conducted a 500-second test on the component said to be the ‘brain’ of the RS-25 engines – the four engines that will simultaneously provide 2 million pounds of thrust for the Space Launch System (SLS).NASA previously tested the first flight controller in March ahead of installation in one of the EM-1 engines, and once they’ve reviewed the new data, the second controller will be installed.

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This results in a credit to your account, received in the form of a check.

If your refund is a result of student loans, then you will need to repay the loan upon graduation, if you cease enrollment, or if you are enrolled on a less than six credit per semester basis. You will get a refund if excess funds remain after charges are applied to your student account.

You can review your student account to see if and when you’re due for a refund on the "My Finances" tab on your my.student portal. Does the type of financial aid I receive impact my refund? You can only get a refund on money from the federal government.

It is not intended to be a comprehensive manual of grammar and style. )@replies, @mentions (on Twitter) 11th hour (but hyphenate as an adjective, e.g., 11th-hour negotiations)1D (as an abbreviation for One Direction)24/73D4chan (use a lowercase C, and avoid using it to start a sentence when possible)4th of July7-Eleven A-list, B-list (etc., when referring to an A-list celeb)ABCs AC (for air-conditioning)administration (lowercase A in political terms, e.g., It has been something the administration has avoided or the Obama administration)adviser AF (for as fuck)afterpartyagender (adj., describes someone who does not identify with a specific gender)AIDSAirbnbairliftairstrikeaka (unless it starts a sentence, in which case AKA is acceptable — Aka just looks weird)alcoholic drink names are usually lowercase unless derived from a proper noun (exceptions: Bloody Mary, Old-Fashioned)Al Jazeera (not italicized)al-Qaedaall-nightera.m., p.m.

You can find our Buzz Feed UK Style Guide here and our Buzz Feed Australia Style Guide here. (OK to cap in headlines)Amex (for American Express)amendments: First Amendment, 19th Amendment (cap A when referencing specific amendments)amf AR (American Foundation for AIDS Research)amiriteanti-Muslim (preferred to anti-Islam or Islamophobic) anti-vaxxerapeshit the Apple Store Argentine (preferred to Argentinian as adj.

One aspect that students are unaware of is loan refunds.

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