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Sometimes he’d rest its finger-long blade on his leg, where it caught the glare of passing headlights as they drove through the night on their way from California; sometimes he’d set it on the dash.

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But if you’re looking to change up your bedroom routine, and get a little outside your comfort zone, there are plenty of underground sex scenes in NYC to explore -- most of which are far less intimidating than the phrase “underground sex scene” may lead you to believe.

But this goes beyond your classic condom-and-banana demonstration, a grainy 1970s educational video, or a Power Point presentation.

Play prefers to use actual vaginas to paint his picture, adding a whole new meaning to the term “hands-on learning.” This popular London-based party, where every night is ladies’ night, opened an NYC chapter back in January.

Il "trattamento di mezza pensione" prevede la colazione e un pasto presso l'Hotel, per persona, al giorno.

Sono sempre esclusi i consumi extra, come ad es.: bevande, bar e minibar, telefono, etc.; eccetto quando espressamente indicati come inclusi da ciascuna struttura in catalogo.

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