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Currently I lead a transportation company in Hawaii that I launched and grew into a profitable venture.

Previously I served as COO of a cosmetic company, restoring it to profitability by overhauling organizational and e-commerce operations.

For anyone who has been in a casual relationship that has gone south, this is proven to be catastrophically wrong.

When you met someone you wondered if it was someone you could potentially be with forever.

Now when you meet someone you wonder if you and your children could live with them forever.

I also held several digital and traditional marketing positions for companies in the healthcare, technology, educational, and power sectors.

I’m also known as an entrepreneurial thought leader, having written Shoestring Venture: The Startup Bible, which provides business owners with insights for successful business practices.

Joining a legit dating site means avoiding scams and other negative things that may sour your online dating experience.

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