Women truckers dating singles updating a laptop

Poor CDL Training poses a safety risk to the public, the truck driver trainers and the CDL students seeking a chance for a new job.

There is little accountability for the turnover rate that consistently stands between 98% and 100% or the unsafe practices that can include violence between trainers, students and/or co-drivers at troublesome carriers.

Our purpose is to educate new CDL entrants, network appropriate CDL training programs and finishing school carriers to pave a path to success.

The result of this can be sexual misconduct, violence, retaliation and leaving the industry in less than 1 year with a useless CDL and unpaid tuition debt.Allen Smith who was formerly in law enforcement and has taught Traditional Tae Kwon Do both publicly and privately since receiving his first black belt in 1979 will be teaching a “Women’s Basic Self Defense” course for attendees of the cruise that includes the following: about driving and views it as an amazing, challenging adventure. Before Shannon’s career as a driver, she received an Associate in Science degree in paralegal studies and worked as a paralegal for several years.She owns two operating trucks and trailers, and als o founded her own companies, Happy Flats, Inc. Due to an injury, she had to change careers and obtained her CDL in 1998.If you are single, it may be in your best interest to stay single until you get your 1st year of experience for several reasons.Your first year is with a company that is likely to keep you out for a month at a time. Bottom line is this...trucking lifestyle is difficult already for many people., Senior Trial Attorney from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission who was part of the legal team that won the .1 Million dollar settlement against New Prime, Inc for their discriminatory training policy will be deliver a workshop during the cruise to help interested individuals understand their rights.

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