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And she also realizes that some (re: lots of) dudes are a lot slower to mature than the other sex. Hey, that’s about the time when I came out, so it’s totally plausible.

star Kristen Bell was spotted filming the highly-anticipated Kickstarter-funded movie in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and she wasn't alone!

' Kristen was like, ‘No one likes Piz,'" Lowell joked. "I think I wrote back saying, ‘I've never stopped playing Piz.

I still refer to myself as Piz,'" Lowell explained of receiving an e-mail from Thomas asking if he'd be interested in reprising the role. This movie will be about Veronica returning to her roots."Returning to those roots, of course, means a slew of fan favorites returning to cross paths with the snarky blonde.

This is one of the first stories where I actually get to ask say 3 or 4 of the same questions to see what the differing responses are to them from the different people and I’m kind of enjoying that.

HOWEVER, she does say this about the male sex – she doesn’t want a dude to get butt-hurt if she makes more money than he does and she doesn’t want to grow up and be with a guy who doesn’t grow up at all.

So it seems like she understands that some (re: lots of) dudes are misogynistic in the sense that they think they are the ones that dig up the graves and the women have the babies (kudos if you know what that’s from).

She returned for one of her best known roles to date, the character Deb in the 2004 film Napoleon Dynamite.

Since her return to acting, she has been in television series such as Veronica Mars, Big Love, True Blood and Grey's Anatomy.

She returned to the role of Mac in the Veronica Mars movie, and has played the part of Maggie Harris on TNT's Legends TV series. Her first film role was in 1994's When a Man Loves a Woman.

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