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She was raised by her mother at Chelsea-Elliot Houses, and she says that her mother is a strong and smart lady.

An American by nationality, she was brought up as a Jew and belongs to black ethnicity.

I’m much happier on my own,” she said on Wednesday (Aug 31.) “I can spend as much time with somebody as I want to spend, but I’m not looking to be with somebody forever or live with someone.

I don’t want somebody in my house.” Goldberg has been married three times–in 1973 to Alvin Martin, cinematographer David Claessen in 1986 and in 1994 Lyle Trachtenberg.

Meanwhile, cohabitation has been on the rise since the 1980s.

While the rise of living together has often been hailed as a sign of late-20n truth, most people see singleness as a prelude to finding "the one".

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Goldberg has a new book called "If Someone Says You Complete Me, Run!

Quitting it early, she adopted her stage name and her surname “Goldberg” was given to her by her mother.

Working on stage for some time, Goldberg went to Germany in 1979 and remained there for a couple of years, working in different theaters. She has been in three different married relationships and her other affairs before marriage are also discussed in public.

She plays Fleeta Mullins, who works with Ashley Judd at a pharmacy and sports an Afro that threatens to overtake the big screen.“It’s a wild wig, it looks like I ate most of the cast,” Goldberg jokes. She’s very odd and very curmudgeonly and kind of funny.”She says her pal, author Adriana Trigiani, wrote the part for her, and she’s happy the movie finally got made from the novel after 12 years of trying to bring it to the screen. Is Goldberg – who writes that she’s busy just trying to figure out what her “evil” cat Oliver wants -- open to it?

“I’m sure something may come along but I’m not looking for a relationship that way,” she says. I’m not looking for someone to make me feel better.

“I’m the round peg, and marriage is the square hole. “I thought if I made a structure to life that way, but I would feel more like everyone else,” she said. I got this very strange and wonderful child out of it.

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