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It was one of those scenes where you were like, 'This is gonna be hard not to take too far,' and it was specifically a nice scene to start the movie off with [because] it was just tonally such a funny scene. NEWS: How Will 'New Girl' Handle Zooey Deschanel's Pregnancy? Every time Sally would ask a question on set, you were like, 'I fully understand why she's asking that question and I wish I had thought of this.' Sally and I specifically had a very, very good time on this movie.

It got everybody in the right mood like, 'Oh, this is gonna be a very funny movie.' I'm hoping we can expect more of these awkward-sexy moments in the film? I think we were very much on the same page from day one and ultimately we just had fun -- aside from the learning experience of it all -- working with somebody who is as experienced as Sally and has spent so much time with so many of the great in the business. Did you get to meet Sally before filming that awkward scene? We had spent some time running through the script once or twice.

"But when it comes to little Lilly, she's still too young to know exactly who's doing what."I don't know that she fully gets it.

She knows that I'm on a TV show, she'll be like, 'Daddy, you play Schmidt.' There's a big part of me that's very proud of it and goes, 'Daddy's really happy.' But there's another part, that's like, 'Just stay away from that as long as you can.' But she seems unfazed by it."And now he's got another little one on the way to teach all the ins and outs of Hollywood!

This cuffing season, you don’t have to be alone either. Com Don’t be afraid to ask your more » - Tara Aquino Remember how, three years ago, Max Greenfield told us about an amazing video he made as "Fat Schmidt," his chubby alter ego on New Girl?Instead, they aim to portray realistic, emotionally driven characters, and to approach the show from that angle rather than simply firing off punchlines. viewers and a 4.8 adults 18–49 demo rating, making it the highest-rated fall debut for a Fox scripted show since 2001.New Girl has received favorable responses from critics, who named the show one of the best new comedies of the 2011 fall season. Particular praise has been given to the performances of Deschanel, Greenfield, Johnson and Morris.WATCH: Sally Field and Julia Roberts Have a 'Curse Off' ETonline got Greenfield on the phone to chat about The clip we have is so funny, it made me laugh out loud. That was one of the first scenes that we filmed on the movie, I think that might have been the first thing.That's definitely a good way to warm up into the film! It was like going to school every day -- truly is amazing and you know, [you] learn how to be a professional and really take a hold of what you're doing and how to really kind of communicate with the director concisely.The one that happens right after it is pretty outstanding. It all felt right and we were like, 'Alright, let's see what happens.' Specifically with the ball scene, you can read through it as many times as you want but when you get there on the day and the ball's there, you're sitting there, and you're close, you go, 'OK.

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