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As most of you read, yesterday we posted a story about Kola Boof’s outrageous, angry, Twitter rant, where she admitted to sleeping with Kimora Lee Simmons’ husband Djimon Hounsou on several different occasions while the power couple have been married.Well, the lil terrorist-fawker decided to respond to all the hub-bub, and she named BOSSIP specifically in her A-Z response rant where she literally had replies from A-Z Ooooooooh we’ve angered the African sea-creature… For you at BOSSIP…and all you one-sided BLOGGERS, here is Kola Boof’s detailed (A-Z) response to your Kimora Lee gossipfest. They think a Fat-faced ASIAN who looks like the “Winking Snail” they serve at Benihana automatically equals cute.*It might also help if she washed her a** sometimes.Bad Hygiene causes the husband to go around complaining she stinks. (I) ASIAN women who marry Black men are often very Racist. Though I am not a billionaire yet, I still know what is hidden under the black skin.I know when I become a billionaire, I will still prefer my black women.Portrait of smiling African American couple standing looking at each other. If you’re new to this issue, I encourage you to explore those as well, after you’ve considered the following. As Kola Boof says in this video, we can control who we love." data-medium-file="https://i2com/colorismhealing.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/hug-e1452892884420.jpg? fit=512,360" data-large-file="https://i2com/colorismhealing.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/hug-e1452892884420.jpg? fit=588,414" / If there is colorism in relationships, how can we tell the difference between a person who coincidentally falls for someone of a certain skin tone versus someone who is color struck? As a society and as individuals, we make conscious choices about who’s loved and who’s rejected.

And the fact that these women are more “authentically Black” (their genes more African looking and less Mixed/European) is meaningful here. specials about how unwanted & unmarried the masses of Black women are—which isn’t a suprise considering Hollywood and the MEDIA have worked the last 100 years to cast the image of Black women as negative, unattractive, maid-driven and forbidden.

We must not be satisfied with an uncritical acceptance of our beauty standards.

We have to be willing to examine we have preferences and realize that “preference” isn’t merely biological, physical, harmless attraction.

Tandasizwe (Thandi) 213-792-4178 COMPLETE PRESS INFORMATION: Kola Boof has been found guilty of: "Blasphemy and Treason" Codicile: "...guilty of deliberately and maliciously bearing false witness against religious sentiment and of willing treason against her Arab Muslim father's people and against her nation, the Sudan." NOTE: Kola Boof points out that she has not been Muslim since around 10 and that the men issuing said fatwa are not qualified to do so. That same evening, Sheikh Omar Bakri, founder of Osama Bin Laden's International Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders and self-appointed Judge of The Sharia Court of the U. distributed leaflets in London announcing Boof's fatwa and e-mails were sent to various people around the world, heralding the author's execution.

Sudan being a terrorist Taliban-like state...these Islamic politicians have elevated their own status, according to Boof. Boof's technical observations will not stop the fatwa from being carried out. Fatwa is also pending on: Women's author Taslima Nasreen (Nasrin) of Bangledesh, Salman Rushdie (writer/London) *His fatwa was supposedly lifted, but British government reports that he continues to be hunted.

Our preferences are shaped, molded, and conditioned by our environment.

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