Who is amy colley dating

whether their marriage was in or out of the box, chesney replied, "it was out of the box.chesney made his mom his date to the cma awards in november.that’s not something you say when you’re planning on settling down with one woman at some point, but it doesn’t seem like that really interests chesney.maybe he’s not as much of a hound dog now, but they’ve got to wonder if he’s still slutting around with groupies considering how they met him. kenny chesney and amy colley kenny chesney has been a huge name in the country music world since he started his career over twenty years ago, but he had a bit of trouble in the relationship department that the whole world got to hear about.off the stage at seattle’s qwest field last august, kenny chesney knew something wasn’t right.his first break from touring since 1993, the singer kicks back and hopes to find what he's been missing.X17 has some pictures of a Lisa-Marie Kohrs who was caught on the beach with Lindsay Lohan’s ex so I assume that’s the same person.But then again then there’s a Lisa-Marie Kohrs who is also a college tennis player.

with a whirlwind tour of Italy with girlfriend Amy Colley, a Nashville nurse. told him two years ago is something Chesney still thinks about often. Country singer Kenny Chesney has been the subject of gay rumors for years. and admitted that he still thinks about her every day and feels bad for ...

Apparently the couple met last summer and have wasted no time in vacationing together in various locations such as Malibu, Las Vegas, and the beautiful Bahamas.

An update on the rumor that Kenny Chesney's going to be a dad ...

november of last year chesney brought miss tennessee 2005 amy colley to the country music awards, and it came out that he’d been seeing her for several months.

kenny seems like a nice guy and he is a great entertainer., colley is married to another man with a child, while chesney went on to have another cheating scandal with lindsey rolland before he settled down with wife renée zellweger.

Maybe the girl above was just a girl Kenny talked to at a bar, heck I don’t know.

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