When did george clooney and elisabetta canalis start dating Passes backdoors live cam chat


She accompanied him to the Oscars in 2008 - the first time he brought a date - but they split two months later. What he said about her: "My Black- Berry was buzzing one day and the message said I was getting married. '"What she said about him: Speaking of the night they met she recalled: "I was with friends.

We were dancing, taking pictures, being silly."What happened to her after they split: She was invited to join a modelling agency, appeared at LA Fashion Week and was crowned the new It Girl by Harper's Bazaar. What she said about him post-split: "Dating has its challenges and either two people connect or they don't. I don't have any regrets."KRISTA ALLENHow they met: On the set of Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind in 2002, Clooney's directorial debut.

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"It was one of the most important relationships of my life and it doesn't feel as if it is over yet." The MTV star, 37, reportedly dumped Canalis, 33, in April after he couldn't put up with her hard-partying ways any longer.

"That relationship is over, it's all in the past," she told Italy's A magazine of her high-profile love affair with George Clooney.

"Every time I say something about it, it gets blown all out of proportion." By contrast, however, the model only had glowing things to say about her former reality star beau.

"I am happy for him, but I am thinking only of my happiness," she told the mag.

"It is the most important day of my life, I don’t have time to think of anyone else." PHOTOS: Best celebrity engagement rings of all time She also cleared up rumors that their past relationship was seen as professional rather than passionate.

They see me travelling around, putting work first, writing, directing, acting.

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