What does it mean to be together but not dating

You can go a long way towards answering the question of what your dreams mean by identifying which of the following functions the dream you want to interpret may be able to serve.

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Believe it or not, our dreams are trying to be obvious!These two terms, the kinetic and gravitational-potential energies, are included because they change a lot (speed and height change throughout every swing) and because however much one changes, the other absorbs the difference and keeps E fixed.There are more terms that can be included, like the heat of the pendulum or its chemical potential, but since those don’t much and the whole point of energy is to be constant, those other terms can be ignored (as far as the swinging motion is concerned).🙁 I think these repeated numbers are my guides trying to consistently remind me of my life purpose and mentally pushing me to get to work on it, already. I sent a message in fb to all my friends and loved ones that I care about them and they mean the world to me.I recently have been having some physical challenges, so you have started to doubt my purpose. That special moment in my life time that I would cherish. Normally when you see a birthday it’s like a reminder from the angels that you are a beautifully unique person with gifts and light meant to brightly shine in the world… The numbers will shift from sequences like , , , to 55s.. I know that they are hinting to me about positivity and change. I was coming out of my hotel room and on the hallway in between my room and the elevator was a black feather. A black feather means different things to different people. I live at the Jersey Shore and never see black feathers …

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