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• Connect multiple mobile devices & smartphones to your Many Cam account and use them as cameras to stream from multiple angles!• Capture all the action as it happens with one click streaming to Facebook. ) • Add custom RTMP streaming services to stream to all supported sites and services!If you are a radio ham and see me near your location.

Add permission in rc:666 to /dev/video0666 to /dev/video1Check the developer website for Galaxy Nexus V4L enabled kernel updates.

Just login and link your devices using your Many Cam account.

The days of using multiple programs to monitor and tune your PC are over.

You have to go to the pc and set your mobile profile. It's super convenient, and a great way to monitor my system while afk otherwise.

There is not a way to access the custom color profiles that were set on my PC itself. There is also no way to set the gpu fan curve or adjust overclocking settings (the latter is probably for the better). (Edited after I realized it created mobile profiles for multi color modes).

Every Android device has an OS and may or may not support V4L. Warning, only qualified users should attempt these steps as it can get complicated.!! Get the correct kernel:$ git clone

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