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That site showed each update and what it fixed and at the top it would show the release version.

I believe the IPS updates are small with only 1 or 2 fixes and Norton may wait a few days to release them. I remember seeing a Norton site with all the definitions and they would start every day with .001 and each update changed the last digits for that day.

To make sure that the Firebox can connect to the update server, you must add at least one DNS server to your network configuration.

The Firebox uses DNS to resolve the update server URL to an IP address.

While we have full discretion with our advisory firm clients’ assets, we also have an agreement with our clients that if we would like to change anything that is documented in the IPS, then we need to check with them first, before making that change.

That makes the IPS a meaningful document, to our clients and to us, and it gives an important degree of control to clients about their important issues as they are asking us to manage their investments on their behalf.

Do not change the Update server URL unless you are told to do so by Watch Guard. If your Firebox must connect to the update server through an HTTP proxy, you must add information about the HTTP proxy server to your update server configuration.

When you configure the update server for any one of these subscription services, the settings apply to all of these services.

IPS and Application Control signature updates are delivered together in the same update file.

The size of the IPS signature set depends on your Firebox hardware platform and software version.

For more information, see IPS and Application Control signature set sizes.

It seems that the IPSDefs update is not working properly for the last 15 days or so.

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