Virus updating my address book

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Dozens of your friends and acquaintances want you to know they’ve just received an email from your account touting a shady-sounding overseas electronics company.

Never mind the embarrassment and sheepishness you feel when it looks like you’re spamming all your friends.

This software is different to Spark's email anti-virus filter, and adds another layer of protection against viruses.There are some warning signs to look out for: However, it is often quite difficult detect a virus on your own.Some viruses may have a timer built in them and can sit quietly on your computer for a while before they do any damage.I’m normally a Linux user, as a developer I believe that is the best platform.I have good text editors/IDEs, native server tools (apache, node, php, etc) and a no-compromise terminal.How you proceed next can affect your life in more ways than you might imagine.

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