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In this article, we will discover a multiple-stage validation process that begins with schema validation, but also uses XPath and XSLT to assert constraints on document content that are too complex or otherwise inappropriate for W3C XML Schema.

We can think of a schema as both expressive and prescriptive: it describes the intended structure and interpretation of a type of document, and in the same breath it spells out constraints on legal content.

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In the case of a namespace prefix consisting of an empty String, your Xpath Expression will use a colon (":") to indicate the default namespace.

If you leave the colon off, the XPath expression will not match.

The reason is that XML software should be small, fast, and compatible.

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They didn't allow the use of XML namespace prefixes in the query. It does more than the minimum, but it isn't cluttered with features. If you have an invalid xpath expression, this tool tells you that it is invalid, and also where and why it is invalid, but not what the valid thing ought to be.Each of those components will either reference an XPath Expression that has been defined as top-level element or via a nested project (Specifically, Spring Web Services' XML module (spring-xml-x.x.x.jar) is being used.This is a simple Win Forms tool, that lets you visualize the results of an XPath query on an XML file. I looked around for tools for this purpose, and found no tool that was quite right.There were simple, free tools, but they didn't do enough. You still have to type in the xpath syntax, and you have to know what you want to type.These components are designed to make working with XML messages in Spring Integration simple.

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