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No more problems due to spelling and formatting errors, thanks to the interactive backup of our software with its real-time functions when the operator directly inputs the data (including automatically adding any missing postcodes).

A complex set of rules has been developed for analysis and postal address validation, based on multiple factors, such as blank spaces between the input words, order and other elements, which are related to our thesaurus tables to achieve a perfect output.

Author data validation and reparation workflows quickly in FME Desktop’s intuitive graphical interface.

Once configured, workflows run without the need for manual intervention, freeing you to work on other tasks.

Input Validation is the correct testing for of any input that is supplied by something else. User input could come from a variety of sources, an end-user, another application, a malicious user, or any number of other sources.

A malicious user is not going to announce that he/she is here to attack your software.

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Egon software is available for international address verification and has been specifically designed to carry out and automate these operations with precise validation of any incorrect or incomplete addresses.Use FME data validation tools to efficiently check and repair data from 350 data sources, including spatial applications, in an automated way and feel confident that it will work properly in its destination system.FME not only identifies problems with datasets, but reports details on what they are and where they exist.You can monitor code and easily identify the source of problems such as reference leaks, memory leaks, unhandled errors, and other issues that can negatively impact the performance and reliability of an application.Learn | Buy | Evaluate Lab VIEW Unit Test Framework Toolkit The Lab VIEW Unit Test Framework Toolkit automates requirements-based testing and validation of software units (VIs) developed in Lab VIEW; thereby enabling functional testing of software and regression testing.If issues exist, FME’s transformation tools can also be used to efficiently repair and filter out bad data.

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