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An amplified Bible is another aid at overcoming difficulties in translation.

If four English words each conveys part of the meaning of a word in the original language, an amplified Bible will use all four words.

This product is okay as a program to study the included materials.

is making a big splash as the #1 Indie Next pick for January, a top Library Reads pick, and a January Book of the Month at Amazon.The Hebrew and Greek versions are generally used for advanced study.Other language combinations are generally used where the reader or family members are not fluent in English or where most members of a congregation are bilingual and often switch between languages in ordinary conversation, such as a predominantly Hispanic congregation in the United States.There are no true parallel version Bibles, i.e., you won't find a Bible that has the Protestant Bible in one column and the Jehovah's Witnesses New World Translation or the Mormon "translation" of Joseph Smith, Jr. A parallel languages Bible presents the text in English, with the Hebrew and/or Greek text in parallel columns.Other versions contain parallel English and Spanish, English and Russian, etc., texts. By bringing together the latest advances in biblical scholarship with exceptional language clarity and precision, the Holman Christian Standard Bible helps you experience God’s Truth as never before.

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