Updating the international water events database

05/24/2013: Gunmen shot Abdul Karim, an employee in the prosecutor's office, in Ghazni City, Ghazni province, Afghanistan. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the incident.05/24/2000: A bomb suspected by police to have been set by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) exploded in Kabacan in the Philippines.

Two people were injured and a motorcycle as well as a parking lot were damaged in the attack.

The databases are updated regularly with the most recent data.

In an ongoing effort to understand the connections between water resources, water systems, and international security and conflict, the Pacific Institute initiated a project in the late 1980s to track and categorize events related to water and conflict, which has been continuously updated since.

Our new format, updated in December 2015, presents the information three ways, to better illustrate how conflicts over water impact history: View the Water Conflict Chronology (updated 12/15) Read the Water and Conflict Chronology in Spanish (2008 version) Cronología de los Conflictos del Agua en Español (versión actualizada en 2008) Changes to Chronology Reflect New Data Recent world events from the Middle East to China to India to Ethiopia and other regions have, unfortunately, continued to lead to new entries.

Release of the new edition of the databases is announced every year in May.

Data are available INDSTAT4 - Industrial Statistics Database The UNIDO Industrial Statistics Database at the 4-digit level of ISIC (INDSTAT4) contains highly disaggregated data on the manufacturing sector for the period 1990 onwards.

The current categories, or types of conflict, now include: It will be clear to even the casual reader that these definitions are imprecise and that single events can fall into more than one category, depending on perception and definitions.

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