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My difficulty is in trying to get the JText Field to update its text when the bound bean's property is changed elsewhere. In the example code, pressing the button calls the bean's set Name() method, firing a property Change Event from the bean, but the JText Field doesn't respond. Copyright © 1993, 2016, Oracle and/or its affiliates. I would like to know how to change the name of the textfield name, so that I can change the code to be more user friendly. I have a Jtable that show the all customers list that there are in database. When a user type a character in the textfield, table must be update and show all customers that their names started by that character same time. JText Field j Text Field1; // End of variables declaration private void new Call(String st) //~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ private void new Fill() //~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ private void fill Customer List() Solution: Simple thing. Code: final Table Row Sorter(model); And add a Document Listener to your textfield - in insert Update and remove Update you call Row Filter(Row Filter.regex Filter(yourtext Text(),indeces)); The insert Update method belongs to the listener so you have to add a documentlistener to your textfield ! For example when I type 's' in textfield, table would synchronize show all customer list that start with s like 'sara' without pressing any key . The methods to retrieve and update database information are the same.

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JDBC just gives you the API to work with the database. I have no idea where am i going wrong but so far this piece of code is error free and I believe it is connected to the database.

I have updated the name to txt Location, but the code behind the form is not updated.

It is kind of hard to see everything that is wrong when you put this together by cutting and pasting from parts of your code.

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Hello, After making a database connection to java, I have been trying to populate my JText Fields and having a hard time to do so.

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