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Note that a JPanel is a container, but not a top-level container, whereas a JFrame is a top-level container.

Therefore, you cannot display a JPanel by itself in a Swing application, unless you add it to a top-level container.

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It is suggested that you implement synchronization between the panels using the When you create a new Java FX project in the Net Beans IDE, this pattern is automatically generated for you.However, it is important that you understand the basic approach to GUI creation in Java FX, especially if you use a text editor. The builder classes and the classes whose objects they build reside within the same packages.Although most programmers probably do network programming using a nice library with high-level application protocol (such as HTTP) support built-in, it's still useful to have an understanding of how to code at the socket level. Arguably just about the simplest * server you can write. I've got a problems: the chart doesn't refresh when I change the text field value. Here is my program: public class Test2 extends JFrame { /** * */ private static final long serial Version UID = 1L; private JPanel content Pane; private Chart Panel chart Panel; private JText Field text Field_1; double a; [code]....A JPanel is a container that can contain other components.I have a method add Player that's supposed to add a JLabel to a JPanel and update the JPanel.

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