Updating hard drive hdd

If you find one we mention in our SSDs and HDDs to look out for this week, even better! The price per GB on 6TB drives is substantially worse than on 4TB drives. Many hard drives aren't really on 'sale' so much as they're just normally this cheap.

If you have an Ultrabook or your laptop doesn't have that kind of easy upgrade access (e.g., the bottom panel is sealed), it's a whole different ballgame, and you'll need to consult your laptop manual for instructions on getting to that drive and finding the right replacement drive.

You can get terabytes on terabytes for not that much money.

We've found the best HDD deals and compiled them below.

Also, even 2.5-inch drives can have different thicknesses-- 7 mm or 9.5 mm--and different interfaces (SATA or IDE, usually in laptops from 2008 or before).

Laptops most widely use 2.5-inch SATA drives , but you should check your laptop manual or specifications to make sure you buy the right size SSD with the proper interface.

If you opt for a 5400rpm drive, another spec you should see listed alongside capacity, you'll get similar performance to the standard PS3 HDD.

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