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You can try software or hardware solutions to improve your Verizon cell phone reception, but before you do, try the quick fixes that might help when you're already on a call.

Cell phone signals are blocked by physical obstacles, which include the walls of your house or building, other nearby buildings, hills and mountains.

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For example, if you don't have a device with Band 12 (700 MHz), you won't be able to take advantage of we will put 5G mobility to work for our customers, like we always have with new technologies.

Verizon is one of the 27 major networks we have identified operating in USA.

All of the data used in our coverage maps is crowdsourced from our community of app users.

We are entirely impartial and all of our data reflects the real-world state of network coverage.

To help contribute to our Verizon coverage map simply download the Android or i OS app from the banner above.

In Android, Windows and Feature phones you'll need to check the phone's Roaming Mode/Network and the Roaming Settings: Your GSM device will roam for voice/text services automatically.

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