Updating calculated fields in access


Now i want to pass this earned salary value to the table field.Can you please help me Firstly some house-keeping; With your field names it is best not to have any spaces in them, makes it much easier to code (from your SQL string it looks like you may have done this but just checking).

I see alot of examples of Access being used for inventory, payroll, or billing.

This form is a data entry form to update all new records on "Orders Table". a) Whenever Customer ID is entered, automatically it fills the form combo box for "Customer Name" and works perfectly. I would use a combo box with two columns, corresponding to Customer ID (hidden) and Customer Name.

I formatted a form with these fields; Customer ID, Customer Name, Transaction Date, Billed Amount, Amount Paid, Unpaid Balance.

I am very new to the Acces and i am trying to calculate the Earned salary of the employee based on the no of Worked days.

For this i have created a Form to input the no of days present and calculate the earned salary based on the input.

I have a database of some 500 Trusts who have donated to our Charity.

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