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Ever Web works very much like i Web but creates cleaner, faster and more compatible websites.It also offers new features such as mobile websites, mouse over effects, built in SEO and so much more.See the advice below for My website doesn't show up at all.Check to make sure you uploaded your website files to the correct folder on the server.MAKE A BACKUP before trying any of the steps described on this page!Chapter 1: Known issues 1.1 Using i Web under Mac OS X Lion (10.7) and OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) 1.2 Things not working anymore since Mobile Me was closed. 1.3 Text formatting problems: The formatting on the web doesn't match with the one showed in i Web. 1.4 When I publish my website objects like images or HTML Snippets are moving around. 2.6 i Web is not showing my website 2.7 I can’t name a page the way I want to, it reverts to the previous name 2.8 i Web "doesn't" or "doesn’t let me" save changes I made: "You do not have permission to save to this file." 2.9 The changes I made don’t display on the web when published 2.10 When I enter my domain I don’t get redirected to the page I want it to redirect to or don’t see the site at all 2.11 The navigation menu does not display Chapter 1: Known issues 1.1 Using i Web under Mac OS X Lion (10.7) and OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) First note that in Mac OS X Lion (10.7) and OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) you can only use i Web 3.0 (i Web '09).Ever Web even builds high-resolution retina websites that look extra sharp on your mobile device. You can even import your i Web blog posts with Ever Web's i Web blog importer.3. The 'Download Now' link provides the full version of Ever Web. Ever Web websites are faster and more optimized than i Web sites. Publish your website Watch the video tutorial to see how easy it is to upgrade your i Web website.

When you are trying to upload webpages, usually this means you should contact the web hosting provider that you have signed up with or your Internet service provider.

See the What do I enter in the hostname, username, and password fields? If you still don't see your changes, next empty your browser's cache.

In Safari, go to the Safari menu and choose Empty Cache.

Here's a solution on opening different i Web projects (Domain) in OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion.

This may also work to solve the problem that in some cases i Web doesn't display the website after upgrading to Lion.

Text displaying as normal in i Web gets bold on the web. When visiting the website online in a browser like Safari the objects don't display where they display in i Web itself. Previous versions of i Web (i Web '08 or 2.0 and i Web '06 or 1.0) will not work under Lion.

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