Tips for men dating after divorce

Even if you are dating just for fun, to meet different types of men and experience new adventures, you want to be clear on the type of man you want to attract.

There is always a possibility that a date will turn into a long-term relationship.

Write a list of the characteristics and qualities of your perfect man.

Complete another list stating things that are totally unacceptable to you. If he does not fit the bill, do not make a second date.

Who better to give tips to men for dating after divorce than a therapist who has a huge patient population of divorced men?

In his guest post, Licensed family and marital therapist, Jason Price offers advice to help make dating after divorce a little bit easier for men.

Dating After Divorce by Jason Price, LFMT In my therapy practice I work with a lot of divorcing men who are trying to adjust to life after their divorce.

One of the common themes that I encounter is that men want the companionship of someone else, but are scared of the process of dating.

From a practical viewpoint, women want to have fun with you.

Bottom line, know what type of man you want and do not settle for less.

Regardless where you met this man, online or off, your first date should ideally be in the morning, be for a short period of time and in a public place. Dating after divorce is a completely different game than dating was ten years ago. Meet for coffee or go for a walk in a public place.

When your divorce decree comes through, the idea of dating is daunting. You may be thrilled that the long process is over and you're finally free to move on.

Depending on your circumstances, when that final divorce decree comes through, you may have many different emotions.

What is your new life going to look like, and how do you start moving in that direction?

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