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The expectation is an unwritten rule in the entertainment industry of the country, said Lin. Just in recent memory, actress Jang Ja Yeon of fame, committed suicide in 2009 due to her coerced involvement in "casting couch" favors.Following the scandal (which was ruled inconclusive due to lack of substantial evidence), a survey of entertainers was conducted - it found that one out of five actresses were forced to provide sexual services to influential figures, or had witnessed their colleagues being compelled.Labor brokers often help employers forcibly deport "problematic" employees, thus allowing the broker to fill the empty quota with a new foreign worker who must pay placement and brokerage fees that may be used to subject them to involuntary servitude.Many foreign workers remain vulnerable to trafficking because legal protections, oversight by authorities, and enforcement efforts are currently inadequate.

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Of the 183, however, 19.1% admitted to personally participating in or knowing of someone who took part in the "couch casting" calls.The PDF file you selected should load here, if your Web browser has a PDF reader plug-in installed (for example, a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader).Alternatively, the PDF file will download to your computer, where it can also be opened using a PDF reader.The writer Chang Ta-Chuen explained this disconnect during an interview: In this article we present g0v.tw, a civic movement by informed netizens toward participatory self-government.Borne out of frustration at the government’s blithe lack of transparency at the end of 2012, in one year we have made these ongoing contributions: a key component of his 2012 re-election platform.If you would like more information about how to print, save, and work with PDFs, Highwire Press provides a helpful Frequently Asked Questions about PDFs.

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