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The realities and challenges of step dating are entirely different from dating without children in the mix.

So often people say to me, when they have come for counselling after having been married or living together for a length of time, “If we’d only known some of this before, it would have saved us so much heartache and conflict.” This is precisely what we want to do – to take a preventative approach to relationship and family building that takes into account the unique challenges that most stepfamilies and blended families encounter, even shortly after beginning their lives together.

This is truly the most preventative form or approach imaginable.

Yvonne Kelly, MSW, RSW, a Certified Stepfamily Coach and Counselor and Founder of The Step and Blended Family Institute discusses Step Dating and how it relates to being in a stepfamily.

Step Dating is directly related to being in a stepfamily. Step Dating is a relatively new term coined to describe couples who are dating with children in the mix.

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