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This is a look at some of the aspects of this weird world.A lot of it is harmless, plenty of it is funny, but a large amount is genuinely unsettling.

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Go extra hard on qualifying and separate yourself from he crowd by letting her know that you did this whole speed date thing on a dare and its silly and beneath you.A search online for “dating tips for men” reveals hundreds of these sorts of sites, generally requiring a credit card.Usually at the top is a picture of a smiling man, with a tag-line like “Learn the secrets that let me charm 173 women in to bed in a year”, and a short article explaining that the author, too, used to be a shy nervous virgin until he discovered the mysteries of Pick-Up Artistry.Speer also employs other training coaches as part of his Speer Method organization.With his Speer Method company, Speer offers a range of products for men.Even if a few are somewhat attractive I'd be willing to bet that they are packed with all sorts of baggage and drama. Have strong body language, a strong identity, make her laugh, but dont appear eager to connect with her. but now that I have gotten to know you a little (pause).......

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