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The manic face of the meme first emerged on the Internet when Youtube user wzr0713 posted a parody of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend," entitled "JB Fanvideo" in June 2012.

The Youtuber, now known as "Laina" and @laina622 on Twitter, created the video and submitted it in response to an online sing-off contest Bieber announced, but her rendition tweaked the original lyrics to ones much creepier: "" Soon with the help of Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook, and many blogs, the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme was born, becoming an instant Internet sensation, and the rest is history, as they say.

In the other I hold a pill that you have to take every day and it will keep you from getting pregnant at the low cost of turning you into a hideous monster.

They spoke regularly on the phone and would use Skype – but never via a video call, because Leah’s camera was invariably broken.

'My brother and I don't talk anymore,' she wrote earlier this month. I am basically all alone.''If you ever feel this low I just wanna say it's not your fault,' she wrote at the end of November. Erin Gallagher, 13, was found dead days after warning users who had sent her abuse that she would kill herself.

'My dad, yeah he ignores me like I don't even f***ing exist. 'I know you feel useless, broken, not wanted and alone. Six weeks earlier, Ciara Pugsley, 15, took her own life after being bombarded with hate messages on the site.

slut c.1400, "a dirty, slovenly, or untidy woman," probably cognate with dialectal Ger. Chaucer uses sluttish (late 14c.) in reference to the appearance of an untidy man. words in sl- that mean "sloppy," and also "slovenly woman," and that tend to evolve toward "woman of loose morals" (cf. slummock "a dirty, untidy, or slovenly person," 1861; M.

slodder "slut," but the ultimate origin is doubtful.

Like all things discouraged by the Bible, it leads only to misery and suffering — for young men as well as women.

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