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Since our discovery, Kirsten has now hired a lawyer to go after any bloggers who dare say anything negative about her. If so, definitely hit up the comments below and tell us how you think Kirsten should’ve handled this situation.We totally get that a celebrity might want to keep something like going to rehab a more private matter; but do you think they should lie about having a serious disease that affects many people?Burke earned two Emmy nominations for her portrayal of the self-centered, but ultimately harmless and beloved, character.

The field is now whittled down to four, whose final myth-busting project, water heater jail break, is designed to see if a water heater could be used as a rocket to escape from prison.Starting a garage-based business allows a person to focus primarily on their product and not worry so much about how they’re going to pay the bills. You also should take into consideration how you receive raw materials if you’re manufacturing a product and also how the product leaves your garage when it is finished/sold.If you live in a rural area you are less apt to run into problems with neighbors.Throughout the season, the final four contenders have all earned the right to be called Mythbusters, displaying killer myth-busting build skills, science smarts and remarkable nerves.Unfortunately, not all of them will walk away as Mythbusters.The finale, featuring MYTHBUSTERS: THE SEARCH host and Nerdist science editor Kyle Hill, will originate from Jersey City’s Liberty Science Center.

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