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Two other victim's advocates joined into the conversation, including Kristen Houser, of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, and Roxine Behrens, of TREE Climbers, an advocacy organization for victims of child sexual abuse. ericblair: Teacher salaries, ( and teacher bashing ) no longer competes for the 'best and brightest'.

Although most of the teachers entering the profession are well meaning people,they have a tougher job with so many parents not parenting, and many leave early into their careers.

We know this teacher was left in the classroom with restrictions on his ability to TOUCH students.

Yes, the administrators had determined that this teacher could not touch students, yet left him in the classroom.

Penn Live published a series on the issue Wednesday, and held a live chat with Terri Miller, president of the board of directors of Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct and Exploitation (SESAME).

VANCOUVER — An elementary school teacher in British Columbia repeatedly sneaked into his school for late-night phone calls to sex chat lines and used a colleague's work laptop over a winter break to access explicit websites and download pornography, a disciplinary panel has found.

In a decision published on the province's Education Ministry website, the three-person panel found former Grade 4/5 teacher Darren Hankey guilty of professional misconduct related to behaviour that took place in the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows school district between 20."Most of the allegations dealt with in this proceeding raise issues of dishonesty as a result of (Hankey's) desire to hide his inappropriate behaviour of a sexual nature utilizing school property, and his lack of due diligence in record keeping,'' read the document."His conduct undermines the credibility of the profession.''21-page ruling Hankey couldn't be reached for comment.

One fellow teacher, an apparent target of their barbs, did just that, and reported it to school administration.

"Although I am not able to comment on personnel matters, the facts contained in the charges that have been filed speak for themselves," Superintendent Richard O'Malley said through a spokesman.

all night long." One fellow teacher, sitting behind Lechelt, shushed them during the two and a half hour session.

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