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Anthony Fortescue was the High Sheriff of Cornwall, a Royal appointment made annually, dating back to Saxon times.The "Shire Reeve" was originally responsible to the king for the maintenance of law and order and collection of taxes, within the shire or county.

We might have lost someone close to our heart or missed our sense of...The team believes its location, close to a silver mine, may be significant in shedding light on the history of the Romans in Cornwall.Situated next to St Andrew's Church, Calstock, the site is on top of a hill in an area known to have been involved with silver mining in medieval times.I believe that our life experiences shape who we are and sometimes those experiences can affect us adversely.I am an integrative therapist and non-directive with over 11 years experience.The house and estate, which dates back to 1086, had been uninhabited since just after the Second World War, when it had been used as an ammunition dump by American forces. It had earlier been the home of Thomas Pitt – grandfather of Prime Minister William Pitt – who sold the Pitt Diamond and bought the estate with the proceeds.

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