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Claris Companion provides peace of mind by allowing you to see, at a glance, that your loved one is okay.

Our service non-intrusively monitors your family member’s activity, compliance and wellness.

Skype – Skype is a video messaging application that allows users to call each other and talk face-to-face.

It’s a wonderful option for retirees who spend their time traveling but want to stay connected to loved ones.

Speak face-to-face with your loved one using Companion’s video chat.

Unlike other popular video chat applications, Claris Companion is private, secure, and incredibly easy to use.

We now know that over half of 65 adults use the Internet, and this number is steadily on the rise.

With a steady increase in mobile options, including tablets, smartphones, and e-readers, the older population in America is gradually becoming more tech-savvy.

Simple tools on the Carevium Resident Care platform like this Video Chat feature or the Photo Gallery option are easy ways to win the hearts of the family members. Caregivers who have limited technology experience will find the Carevium application with its features like Video Chat to be intuitive and fun to use.

According to data from the Pew Research Center, 27 percent of the 65 seniors living in America own tablets or e-readers, while 18 percent own smartphones.

For this tech-savvy elder population, there are a variety of applications designed to help them stay socially connected and physically healthy as they age.

Here’s a sad fact about the growing elderly population: While the rest of us get more connected by using social media such as Facebook and Twitter, sending streams of photos to each other using services like Instagram, and using text messages to exchange bon mots, senior citizens who aren’t savvy to the latest personal technology are becoming increasingly isolated.

The more millennials use text messaging, the less they communicate with people who don’t know how to use a smartphone or tablet.

Oscar Senior makes it possible for your loved ones to navigate the web, stay in touch with friends on Facebook and keep a real-time beat on all family matters. Via video calls, instant messages and photo sharing. Never let your loved ones miss an important moment ‐ build memories together.

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