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Taste the speciality teas and enjoy small tea bites as you’re guided through thousands of years of tradition with the tea experts at Zen Tea. The ritual of brewing, pouring, warming our hands, inhaling the earthy scent, and that first sip- is there anything sweeter to calm our nerves and soothe our souls?

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As Patti Feinstein, a dating coach, says: "It's a bad sign, like being rude to the waiter or undertipping." While I'm on the topic, let me clarify some other points of coupon etiquette.

Related: 5 Common First Date Fears You Really Don’t Need To Worry About Speaking of towns, Scoutmob is fully live in Atlanta, NYC, San Francisco, and DC, and they’ve got new markets launching in Austin, Boston, Nashville, Dallas, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Denver and LA.

If they’re not in your city yet, just be patient I’m sure they’ll be setting up shop there soon. Scoutmob provides you with cool, off-the-beaten-path date spots, real deals (often 50% off or more), and little known, conversation-starting facts about your city. They also have a “moustache cam,” and if you win this contest, they’ll give you a bike.

Aaron was teaching in Boston, I was teaching in DC, and we were also really into meditation, we spent a lot of time learning to teach meditation...

Then we turned 30 around the same time, and we decided it would be way more fun to build a business. We had to figuring out how to raise money, how to design a website.

Unlike English tea time, the pot will be filled directly with the tea leaves and steeped for seconds.

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