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With his current band, The Sensational Space Shifters – that'll be guitarists Justin Adams and Liam 'Skin' Tyson, bassist Billy Fuller, drummer Dave Smith, electronics wizard John Baggott and Gambian musician Juldeh Camara on kologo and riti – Plant has released Lullaby And… His most fully realized solo album to date, it binds together the musical strands that have fascinated him over the decades whilst doing much to belie his reputation as the wailing Golden God who rampaged across the America of the 70s with all the gusto of a Viking raiding party.Partly inspired by his break up with singer Patti Griffin and his increasing isolation in Texas, the album is a superb melting pot of influences that takes in West Coast psychedelia, North African music, loops, electronics, folk and country without it ever sounding like a cut and paste Frankenstein monster.A big man - he could easily have been a centre-half in another life - Plant is all laughs and smiles as he arrives in his local watering hole when based in North London away from his home in Ludlow.Affable and friendly, he pauses to say hello to the staff before finally settling down to make himself comfortable.The cult singer/songwriter already connects with a legion of fans through songs detailing all manner of heartbreak and joy.But for her first album of new solo material since 2007's "Children Running Through It" (2010's Grammy Award-winning "Downtown Church" was a live recording), she says, "I wanted it to sound like I was in the room with you." To that end, she and producer Craig Ross hired her stage sound engineer Roy Taylor to rig up "a bunch of old microphones to get that local sound," while hunkered down at the "funky, lived-in" Zebra Ranch Studio located an hour outside of Memphis, owned by Luther and Cody Dickinson of the North Mississippi All-Stars (both of whom play on the record).Yet for all of Plant's personable nature and easy going manner – you can easily imagine yourself watching the football results on a Saturday afternoon over a pint with him – the veteran singer is deadly serious when it comes to his craft.Now living back in the UK after spending several years residing in Austin, Texas, Plant is, appropriately enough for a Wolves fan, as much of a musical wanderer as he is a geographical one.

"There's nothing worse than a bunch of jaded old farts, and that's a fact," he says.

’ He said, ‘That’s Robert Plant.’ I said, ‘What does he look like now?

’ The guy shrugged his shoulders, so I lifted my sunglasses and said, ‘Look!

Rather than re-tread old ground, Plant is forging ever forward while still retaining the exploratory vision that made his former alma mater such a unique proposition. So Led Zeppelin III, probably for me, was about picking up different clues.

That's the question Patty Griffin set forth to answer when recording her seventh solo album, "American Kid," out May 7 on New West Records.

- on stands and online in the digital archives now (subscription required) — Robert Plant explains to writer Stephen Rodrick why he was unwilling to keep performing with Led Zeppelin after their 2007 reunion concert. "The preparations for it were fraught and intense, but the last rehearsal was really, really good, for all that it represented and all that we were trying to capture. We'll come back to it."- Plant recently flew to Morocco and recreated a legendary trip he went on with Jimmy Page where the duo wrote "Kashmir." "I wanted to go back and take that road," Plant says. It was fucking amazing."Robert Plant Previews Upcoming Band of Joy Album- Tony Blair's religious awakening horrified Plant to the point that he stopped writing new songs.

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