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“It’s definitely exciting,” said Sterling Nesbitt, a researcher at the Burke Museum at the University of Washington. Nesbitt said that it was often hard to draw convincing conclusions about animals just from their footprints, but that Mr.

Brusatte and his colleagues “put the best argument that anyone has ever put forth about early dinosaur tracks.” He added, “And I think they’re right.” So far, no dinosaur bones have been found in the rocks, but “the possibilities are really exciting,” Mr. The earliest known bone fossils of an animal that fulfilled all of the criteria to be designated a true dinosaur date from about 230 million years ago.

v=s8w8RUZh V-8] The liberal columnist John Brummett wrote an excellent article on Mike Ross and his position as a Blue Dog Democrat in the article “Straddling Democrat or Stand-up Republican? In this article he noted: Ross is expert, even genius, in balancing the values of his constituents against the urgings of his national party. But polls suggest that this balance is now precarious. The question is whether to delay the health care reform bill and change it, as Ross did amid mostly favorable national media attention in the summer of 2009, or kill it altogether, which Ross and his Blue Dog Democrats had the muscle to do, but didn’t, in the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Ross can say, quite correctly, that he voted against health care reform on the House floor the first time and that he voted against it the decisive time when it came back through the budget reconciliation process from the Senate….

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It’s a beautiful book–nearly 250 vellum pages–an example of fine craftsmanship, beautiful and elegant and nobody has the faintest idea what the crap it says.…It’s the only reason why they can correlate rocks with their fossils, for instance.…They’ve ignored the question completely.” (Eldredge, Niles, “Did Darwin Get It Wrong? 6.) Posted by admin on July 17, 2008 in Apologetics, Articles/Essays, Neo-Darwinism, Old School Presbyterian churches | 0 comments HALT: Halting Arkansas Liberals with Truth (John Stossel on healthcare bill 7 min) [youtube=Of course the hell not, but by sticking to the evidence, I find myself regrettably unable to run out into the quad and shout: “IT’S A COOKBOOK! ” Sticking to evidence, however, has never been the strength of the writers at Above Top Secret, which delivered a rather soggy excuse for a story entitled: “Voynich Manuscript–Diary of an Alien or a Mad Man?100 Years Older than First Thought.” Already wrong, but I’ll get there. Currently housed in Yale’s Beineke Library, the Voynich MS totally skipped my mind when I went up there to do research for my dissertation.The provenance of the manuscript is only certain, as far as I can tell, once it is in Voynich’s hands.

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