Rebecca morgan dating goddess


This was a slippery slope and one that you fell down very fast. You used to just love watching black guys fucking, right?

What is going to matter is that when it comes to taking bets on your heart, he is going to be high stakes—all the way.

It makes for good viewing, for good wanking material but you just took that a little bit too far. Your brain twisted these fantasies for you and before you knew it, you weren’t looking at the girls any more, you found yourself fixated on those huge black cocks. It wasn’t your intention, but you were brainwashed by BBC porn.

It’s not your fault, your weak brain just couldn’t resist those big black cocks. It’s so funny how it was all so innocent, how you truly didn’t mean for this to happen.

You are one of the wild ones, and no matter how you tried to hide that fact, you can’t be anything other than what you are—and that’s okay.

You are just as you are supposed to be, magnificently wild in all of your chaotic beauty.

This warrior of yours will crave your strength, and your intensity.

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