Reasonably accommodating disabilities


Accommodations can be religious, academic, or employment related and are often mandated by law.Each country has its own system of reasonable accommodations.

An employer's duty to reasonably accommodate is triggered when an employee requests assistance to perform their work duties as a result of their disability.

The code of conduct also explained common practices in Canadian culture.

It said that carrying a weapon to school (a reference to the Sikh ceremonial kirpan), covering one's face (some particular forms of the Muslim veil), and making accommodation for prayer in public schools would not be permitted.

Employers should bear in mind that in addition to compensation the Act allows for re-engagement or re-instatement of an employee who has been dismissed.

O line with the above, disability can be temporary, permanent, mental or physical and it can ext6end to a disability that the employee no longer has and even an disability that the employee never had (i.e. Most employers understand their duty not to discriminate, however in recent months the Labour Court have found against employers who have failed to reasonably accommodate employees and have thus been deemed to have discriminated under the disability ground.

Federal agencies are required by law to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified employees with disabilities.

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