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The first step is to understand the laws surrounding securities and initial public offerings, which an experienced business attorney can help you with.

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Here is a list of pros and cons to consider in determining whether to go public. Yet you may get socked with higher fees when using them, compared to traditional bank checking accounts where fees also are rising, according to a recent Consumer Reports study. The reason: You can’t spend more money than is on your card. Americans spent about billion on prepaid debit cards last year — double the amount from 2009, according to the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association. If you’re controlling your expenses, limiting potential losses while traveling or teaching kids about money, prepaid cards make sense.“We recently had a client that came to us wanting to refinance their existing home loan, and they were looking to consolidate a credit card debt of ,500 and a car loan of ,000 at the same time,” Bartels says.“Initially, their friends had advised them to consolidate the debt directly into their home loan when refinancing, which would have meant they were financing this debt over 30 years.PROS Get a Handle on Your IPO with a Free Legal Evaluation Going public can be a huge undertaking.

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