Pocket planes flight crew not updating


The quicker you can navigate the screens, the more likely you are to keep all of your planes in the air and earning money.

The quota is cumulative between the whole group, meaning not all members need to participate for a group to reach the top, but only participating members will be eligible for the final prize. Generally it is 50 jobs, so it says "Deliver 50 jobs to qualify for prizes." You also have to be in a flight crew in order to win prizes.

Once you've exited that screen, you can head to the far left button to work out who and what to take to where!

Efficiency When planning your routes, be sure to take into consideration how far away the destination airport is compared to the reward for carrying the passenger or cargo.

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It’s hard not to respect them when they send notes like this to studios who copy their games. I felt the game fell short in a few different aspects.

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