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” It doesn’t matter what time of day it is; caffeine is 50% of the Boricua diet.

I have only been with one Puertorican man in my life. although he does tend to have a big head (thinks his all that !! it pisses me off but it's just he is and we have to take the good with the bad... I wondered for the longest time,like any man any race.matter how sexy, beauty is only skin deep and that won't take you to your highest high. Dang,its funny we know what were walking into it is the exit that shadows the love from the devine truth.So I, the African American woman, lost out to the PR woman. Okay my story So this guy that I was, okay let's be real,..was not a relationship but we spent time together.Let's get one thing straight, I love the latin community for their strong cultural ties and loyalty. We're both from the south and that is important because black men from the south are very color struck. He calls it a preference but all of the serious women in his life have either been really light complectioned black women with a straighter grade of hair or white women.It would not be appropriate for us to continue communication. So unfortunately, I have become a "stop" along the way for black men or men in general who want some company but nothing serious.I don't have naturally straight hair, light skin, light eyes. He visited PR on vacation last year and all he could talk about was their hair and their skin and how beautiful they were and how if he could have just spoken the language he would have married them right on the spot! True that not all are like that, but when put in a situation, ego/lust takes over. Things were going great and we totally felt each other, had great conversations, and spent the best of time together, everything was perfect, phonecalls and wonderful chemistry.

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