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Each download will cost users a nominal fee, but they’re all free until the end of March, in celebration of Women’s History Month.

The new app has been launched following a tough last few weeks for LGBT sex and dating apps.

Even people who HAVE to know because of their profession – such as gynecologists – do not know about it.

”However surprising it may be – almost no one knows about female ejaculation and squirting orgasm.

But in humans that link has been lost, since the clitoris shifted from inside the vaginal canal to the outside, which at the same time appeared to remove the link between orgasms and reproduction.

Scientists have been puzzled because there doesn’t appear to be any association between the orgasm and whether sex leads to reproduction or the number of children that might be conceived.

Your special someone – or anyone else who uses the app – can then transfer your sensuous movements via Bluetooth to a vibrator which will treat them exactly how you would.

You know, if you can replicate that while tonguing your dirty, germ-ridden phone screen.

Scientists have finally worked out why women have orgasms – and it’s all thanks to monkeys.

"Prior studies have tended to focus on evidence from human biology and the modification of a trait rather than its evolutionary origin,” said Yale Biology Institute researcher Gunter Wagner.

Filmpje: Meisje krijgt een spuitkutje door een anaal orgasme Hij vingert haar g-plek vanuit haar anus.

An app has been released which allows users to stimulate each other remotely with their tongues.

OCast, an app whose creator, porn firm Cam Soda, has labelled “the i Tunes of oral sex for women,” enables you to upload your own oral sex performance.

Can any woman experience female ejaculation or have a squirting orgasm? You may guess how many useless counseling sessions were prescribed to women who experienced female ejaculation.

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