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However, the far and way most disturbing match-making enterprise was the Atlasphere Dating Service, the site dedicated to matching devotees of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism.According to WSJ.com: Atlasphere founder Joshua Zader, 40, of Phoenix, says niche sites are more efficient than broader sites such as OKCupid or Most in the market for romance have a List, a set of ideal traits they’d like to find in a mate.For some, the List is broad and generic — perhaps it includes “sense of humor,” “intelligence,” or “good looks.” For others, the List is much more specific.Where is the best (most likely) place to meet Objectivist women? I live in Charleston SC, and it seems to me what women aren't hopelessly dependant are philosophically corrupt.Needless to say, this is a frustrating and depressing situation. When I said "Meet" I did not mean on a website in this case. I suspect very few (if any) Objectivists can offer definitive guidance on this question. She recently co-authored a book (with Ed Locke) that might be of use, although I haven't had time to read it myself yet.This girl contacts me via the online dating service, and she's several years younger than me, so what's the catch? Except I worry about not being attracted enough to get it up.I had a 45 minute phone coverstation with her, and 30 minutes of the conversation was about Ayn Rand.

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“I had one girlfriend who would make comments about not being able to just stop for pizza, or would inadvertently contaminate me,” said Graff, who was diagnosed with celiac disease eight years ago.I've already scoured dating websites, and I'm convinced I will have to move to find the sort of woman I am searching for. More information for this question: There are no O'ist clubs in the area. It is titled, The Selfish Path to Romance: How to Love with Passion & Reason, Inspired by the Ideas of Ayn Rand.Apparently the questioner is readily able to find non-Objectivist women and get to know them well enough to find out that they usually are either hopelessly dependent or too philosophically antithetical to Objectivism.The questioner apparently also is having great difficulty finding anyone else in Charleston, SC, who knows something about Objectivism and is favorably disposed toward it.It certainly sounds as if the questioner is correct: relocate somewhere else, somewhere that is more likely to allow the questioner to meet fellow Objectivists of either gender and any marital status. any of various philosophical theories stressing the external or objective elements of cognition.2. any theory asserting that the moral good is objective and not influenced by human feelings. The studio recording made by Moscow Radio at the time of the premiere of the first cello concerto not only bears the hallmark of interpretational authenticity, it also bears witness to the impressive performance, which in all respects eclipses the older Supraphon recording dating from the mid-1990s and featuring Leonid Gorokhov and Alexander Melnikov, even though the latter comes across as more relaxed than the technically Epistemology is an anthology of scholarly essays by learned authors about the ideas of philosopher and author Ayn Rand (1905-1982), perhaps best known for her blend of novel and manifesto "Atlas Shrugged".

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