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He gets irritated with the traffic as he makes his way up north. He asks a nurse if “he” is dead and is told he passed away an hour ago. George, a family friend, explains that they were on the boat that morning and “he” just fell over. Lee asks where his brother is and is told he can see him downstairs if he wants.The doctor explains that his heart was very weak and it finally gave out.An anxiety disorder is when worry or fear get out of control and start interfering with your life. Everyone feels anxious sometimes – worried or afraid of something happening, or obsessed about something happening in a certain way.

Having an anxiety disorder means that this response is causing you more problems than good.

Lee works as a handyman for an apartment building, dealing with all the tenants who are all rude or difficult in some way – the first one is argumentative; the second one loudly talks on the phone how she wants to have sex with the handyman cleaning her shit from the toilet; the third is a woman who accuses him of wanting to see her naked when he suggests turning on the shower to see if it leaks. Lee points out that he is working four buildings and all the money goes to the manager.

He is asked to apologize to the woman but he remains ambivalent because he did nothing wrong in the exchange.

If Zimbabwe continues at its current growth rate, it will qualify as a rich country in 2,722 years.

Athens, 2,400 years ago: it's a compact place, only about a quarter of a million people live here.

Lee goes to a bar and a woman spills some beer on him, seemingly intentionally, to start up a conversation. Later, two businessmen across the bar note Lee and discuss him briefly. He gets a phone call which he keeps short – simply asking the caller when something happened and saying he’ll come up immediately.

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