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Anderson’s father says that there are still no leads in his daughter’s disappearance, and that as many as six detectives are currently working on the case.While the article does not mention any money, Anderson’s father is clearly not missing, as Washington alleges.

Over one month has passed since Kansas student Toni Anderson disappeared after being pulled over by a North Kansas City police officer.

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Due to her employment at a Kansas City gentlemen’s club, some have speculated that Anderson either “ran off with a sugar daddy”, or got herself killed due to her own behavior.

One Kansas City activist, Alonzo Washington, says that Anderson’s father has also disappeared with ,000 raised in a Go Fundme account.

Police received a 911 call that Choate, 53, had been drinking, had a gun and was threatening to kill herself. The officers then shot Choate to death, according to the lawsuit, which was filed in U. "The gun would have easily been located by officers if they had searched and 'cleared' the room as reported." FAMILIES OF TWO SLAIN BY CHICAGO PD CALL FOR ACTION City and police officials were not immediately available Thursday to address the lawsuit.

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