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In a matter of a few days, one gets an intense update on the major issues of the planet, from "google babies" to ecological disaster. Where else can you experience a morning with cannibals in the Soviet Union () and see a boy be offered Subway sandwiches in exchange for turning in his father.The treat of this year's festival was the spotlight on Czech documentary director Helena Trestikova.From the beginning, Marcela's passive uninspired outlook seems to predispose her to a less than stellar life: her most enthusiastic musings (repeated throughout the film) are for a "larger" apartment. Yet, the director also sprinkles the film with glimpses of simple happiness, such as when the heroine croons to country western music in a local bar, or wanders through town with her sweet mentally challenged son. Something I couldn't give him at all because I was really feeling feverish and woozy all the time. But I know, deep in his heart, he has forgiven Mommy already.Each of Trestikova's documentaries is a tragedy-in-the-making, offering a scrutinizing gaze on one individual and following the trajectory of his or her life in a time-lapse profile, much in the style of the renowned , the director features a pretty girl who, early on (bad family), becomes a heroin addict, but who later--about to realize her dream to give birth--must face the "choice" of quitting drugs so as to be a good mother.The suspense is painful: it becomes clear that early drug use predisposes the heroine, more than even an Orphic-cursed Oedipus, to an impossible lack of decision-making capacity.right, and I've written about the same things, although I think he's just guilty of thinking he's showing the expat community "the light" with his undergraduate Ethnic Studies tools (I should know, since I've taught, at some point, most of what he's regurgitating here) when he's pointing out the perfectly obvious to anyone who's lived here a long time.And I don't think he's talking "mumbo jumbo" or getting too deep into "critical theory" – it's pretty simple and straightforward, actually.

Viennese townspeople were more engaged in consumption than production.Sex with her hubby is swapped for science as a whole new journey involving masturbation rooms and daily injections begins.It’s a candid and satirical romp performed by two luscious ladies, with original songs and a live band.Both bourgeois and aristocrats relied on their luxurious houses as public representations of their status.Houses, as the examples suggest, reflect the means of subsistence of their inhabitants, their affective relations and power relations, their family systems, marriage customs, laws of succession, and the composition of their households.Will she overcome the tragedy of her murdered daughter?

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