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Unwittingly what happens is that the external accountability board becomes an inadequate replacement for a biblically functioning internal elder board that is the way God designed his church to be lead and pastors to be guided and protected."I would still love to see the leadership community of Mars Hill Church become itself a culture of grace and I am still willing to help," concluded Tripp.

"Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel this year’s conference due to unforeseen changes to our speaker line-up and other challenges we believe would make it difficult to provide the quality of conference people have come to expect from Resurgence." Promotional material stated that the 2013 conference had 175 countries represented. Tripp is executive director of the Association of Biblical Counselors's Center for Pastoral Life and Care, and author of 15 books on Christian living, including Such a board at best can provide financial accountability, but it will find it very difficult to provide the kind of hands-on spiritual direction and protection that every Christian pastor needs.

Christian couples who are not yet married need to seek the counsel of parents, grandparents, pastors, and other close people whom they trust, he said.

Driscoll then shared a piece of advice that he heard from another pastor about the boundaries not be crossed, and related: "If the swimsuit covers it, you can't touch it."2.

Driscoll’s interview received a standing ovation, according to the Bible Society of Australia, which reports more details. In April, Hillsong spokesman Mark De Moss told Warren Throckmorton, a critic who has tracked Driscoll's public appearances, why the interview was appropriate.

Partial video and audio of his remarks is available here. I doubt we will agree on everything, but everyone deserves an opportunity to be heard. “I don’t think that is ‘cheap grace,’ but rather, a thoughtful approach to challenging circumstances," wrote De Moss of the planned appearance.

My character was not caught up with my gifting,” he said. I wouldn’t look at any 25-year-old now and say, ‘Yes, do what I did.’” Driscoll also distanced himself from past crude and misogynistic remarks, calling “the perception of what I think about women...entirely my own fault.

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