Mandating and delivering

Blended biodiesel containing 5% bio material (B5) and 20% bio material (B20) are the most common blends and can be used in diesel engines with no or only minor modifications.

Unlike ethanol, a biofuel produced almost solely from corn, which is most conducive to the Midwestern climate, biodiesel can be derived from a wide variety of vegetable feedstocks, allowing production facilities to locate virtually anywhere in the U.

One of the benefits of councils commissioning health visitor services is that it offers opportunities to link with wider systems, such as housing, early year’s education providers.

This in turn will provide a more joined-up, cost effective service built around the individual needs, paving the way to deliver across a wider range of public health issues.

How can BC Soccer member organizations be enabled to deliver on the coaching mandate?

Your organization needs to put forward individual(s) that will be responsible to deliver coaching courses in-club.

IMPORTANT: If you are coaching in the ages U6-U12 you are required to complete the age appropriate course(s) even if you have a higher level of certification (ie.

Soccer for Life, B pretest, C License, B License or A License).

Their field-of-play matches their size, and these players hone in on their skill-development in a way that larger ice surfaces just aren’t conducive to.” The differences in skill-development opportunities with cross-ice or half-ice hockey are significant: players receive five times more passes and take six times more shots.Hockey is no different,” said Paul Carson, vice-president of membership development for Hockey Canada, who notes that while some provinces and communities already deliver cross-ice programming at the Initiation level, others have always utilized full ice for practices and games.“The Initiation Program was developed to allow kids to have fun, learn skills, and develop confidence,” said Carson.In order to enable our membership to deliver on the coaching mandate, BC Soccer will be scheduling Learning Facilitator training sessions to assist organizations to have qualified individuals to deliver in-club coach certification courses to their coaches.We have now completed the call for applications, for more information on BC Soccer's Coach Education Mandate please see the FAQ's HOW CAN BC SOCCER HELP YOUR ORGANIZATION?Beginning in the upcoming 2017-18 season, a new Hockey Canada policy now mandates that Initiation-aged players receive age-appropriate programming on cross-ice or half-ice surfaces.

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