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This is to the day, when the initial email was received.Although I have attempted to interview James at various times over the past few years this never happened. Although I cannot verify the contents of this document other than to say that it is highly likely that a great deal of it may be fairly accurate in my October 2010....Though they processed it differently, they agreed on one thing: They did not want anyone to know, especially their parents and pastors.The embarrassment of being found out by others was stronger than what God thought about what they were doing. What Sue did not anticipate was that she could not keep her conscience quiet (Romans -15).

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As you can see, this correspondence was initiated back in 2006.

They wrote letters to each other during college because they were three states apart. After graduation, they resumed their relationship and dated pretty heavily right up until the day they were married. They went to a good church, and they caused no real problems for their parents.

The isolation left Sue and Bill with a lot of time alone and no one asking the right kinds of questions about their temptations or how they guarded their hearts against the temptation to have sex.

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