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Secrest was among the masses of Lithuanians in the streets of Vilnius in 1993 when the country was liberated from the Soviet Union, and was a member of the first diplomatic tour following the country's independence.

During a test event for the Olympics China held in 2007, Volungevičiūtė met Brazilian sailor Robert Scheidt, a two-time Laser gold medalist - who would also win a medal in 2008, in the Star class.

Volungevičiūtė competed in the Olympic debut series for the women's single-handed dinghy class, the Laser Radial, during the 2008 Summer Olympics in China.

She was the only sailor in the Lithuanian 2008 Olympic team.

Lithuanian humour is a little bit different from Canadian humour, it is more like British, dry. People have very strong opinions and usually are not happy with how things are done in the Government.

Canadians will not have any trouble understanding or accepting it. For a Canadian it would be hard to understand the political situation and that is why it is better to stay away from discussing politics.

It might interest them to know how Canadians work with people from different cultures and how we tend to work by consensus.

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